Zoë Bicât, Whole-Body Balancing Acupressure Massage

Zoe has a BA(Hons) degree and qualified in 2012 with a Diploma in Traditional Chinese Injury Rehabilitation Therapy. She studied with the internationally commissioned injury rehabilitation specialist Michael Newman (D.Ac LCSP (Phy)), with whom she first started learning Qigong. Zoe holds a BSY Professional Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology with Distinction. She is a graduate of the Qigong Teacher Training at the Shiatsu College, for which she also studied Anatomy, and does ongoing CPD in Qigong with Master Wing Cheung as well as with her former tutors.

Having lived withchronic back pain after a severe prolapsed lumbar disc, and recovered well, Zoe has tried many therapies and forms of exercise, and brings her understanding and sensitivity to her work with clients. She has found Qigong and yoga to be especially beneficial.In her work she uses Qigong with clients as rehabilitative exercise, where it can target areas of the body to help with healing, joint mobility, and overall health.

Zoe offers Whole-body Balancing Acupressure Massage, a gentle, powerful therapy which combines massage with a specific combination of acupressure points. The treatment involves cupping, and where appropriate the use of moxa, a form of heat therapy. Zoe’s background in Traditional Chinese Injury Rehabilitation Therapy gives her an understanding of the deeper causes of pain in posture, alignment and impacts from chronic or acute injury.

Zoe teaches one-to-one Qigong sessions, group classes and workshops in East and West Oxford.

What clients say about their sessions with Zoe:

“At a time of extreme stress, I experienced my treatment with Zoe as deeply nourishing and restorative. My nervous system was able to relax and let go in a way I would never have believed possible in the circumstances. Zoe’s presence and skill were very apparent. I would recommend her as a bodywork practitioner to anyone”. Vanessa

“An old shoulder injury was interfering with my playing the violin; Zoe was quick to ask pertinent questions and to check specific aspects of my shoulder mobility to gain a thorough understanding of my condition. The treatment seemed carefully and precisely targeted on the troubled areas, and I felt a great deal of deep muscular relief. Zoe also tailored a set of movement exercises for me to perform regularly at home, empowering me to continue the therapeutic process myself. The combined effect has been to free up shoulder movement considerably and, furthermore, to increase my overall sense of what is a healthy and relaxed posture.” Keith

“I have had a number of treatments with Zoe, and each time have found her approach extremely sensitive to the specific needs of my body on that day. She has found areas of tension other therapists haven’t identified before, and has worked with them at a deep level, able to draw on a variety of approaches from manipulation to acupressure points to cupping, where she judges appropriate. On the occasions when this deep work brings up emotional responses in me, I feel she provides a safe space where I am comfortable to release this layer of tension as well. The chi gong exercises she recommends also allow me to continue the healing work independently. I feel that Zoe is a genuine healer who works with a rare combination of technical skill, intuition and compassion.” Emma

“Bending over to pick up my daughter led to severe and worsening strains in my neck, and middle and lower back. For over a year it was deteriorating, causing me daily pain and gradually reducing my movements. One day after months of increasing suffering I woke up barely able to walk. However a single session with Zoe loosened my lower back a great deal and then, perhaps because of the chi gung exercises she also taught me, it carried on getting better.” Chris

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