Testimonies and your story

Here at the Health Hub we love to hear people’s stories, about their lives, their health, their community. We hear lots of feedback from our clients and community connections about how we have been helping people. We’d really love to collate some of those stories to add to this page. Please get in touch with us through the form at the bottom of the page, and let us know your story!


Patricia Murphy, West Oxford

“The Oxford Health Hub is a pioneering and visionary practice founded by Rebecca Minton (herself an excellent acupuncturist) in the heart of the West Oxford community. It’s great to be able to access a wide range of therapists and as their prices are reasonable to be able to afford a course of treatments when necessary. This is a warm and friendly practice where expert and caring practitioners provide a wide range of treatments to suit every need. The Oxford Health Hub should be a model for many communities and available on prescription!

I first went to Laura with shoulder and neck-ache and soon discovered that she is not just an expert massage therapist but also a gifted healer. I was astonished how over several weeks of treatment, I regained mobility that I thought I’d lost forever. Crucially, because her prices are set to be affordable, I was able to attend regularly, which made all the difference. The experience was also wonderfully relaxing and restorative – healing in the deepest meaning of the word.

My treatments coincided with bereavement and work pressures and Laura’s sessions helped me at a profound and emotional level. Laura approaches her client’s needs in a holistic manner, and draws on a wide knowledge from Ayurvedic medicine, Yoga and her own life experience.

Laura is also very supportive in encouraging other lifestyle changes such as diet and stress management. Her Yoga Nidra sessions are amazing – accessible to everyone and encourage deep relaxation.

I can’t recommend Laura’s treatments highly enough!”


Edwina Bowles, Oxford

“I found out about the clinic through googling ‘acupuncture Oxford’, I was instantly amazed and grateful for the ethos of accessibility and decided to book an appointment.”

Anon, West Oxford

“I have been enjoying ayurvedic massage at the Oxford Community Health Hub with Laura since last Spring. The Practitioners at the Hub have created such a warm, welcoming and beautiful space to be in, it is a sanctuary that I look forward to going to every time. Laura’s warmth and interest in ayurveda is inspiring.  The whole treatment from consultation feels very nuturing, client focused & rejuvenating.  I always feel much more connected to myself and my body after a session and would recommended it to everyone.”


Riki Therivel, Oxfordshire
“Affordable Acupuncture is the only one of several treatments that I’ve tried that has helped me to reduce and manage my migraines.”
Adam Riley, Teacher
” I have tried many treatments but this is the 1st time I have felt I can afford to atttend regularly and on a long term basis and for that I am extremely grateful.”