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Sascha Collen, Herbalist and Naturopath

Sascha is a qualified Herbalist and Naturopath. She studied at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, and is a member of The Association of Master Herbalists.

She is passionate about health, and about helping people to find their way to heal. Through rigorous training and education, and by working with nature, she provides gentle and powerful medicines and techniques to her patients, giving them the tools for self-empowered healing.

Sascha feels that there are too many chemicals, artificial products and increased stress levels in our lives, but that simple techniques can help to balance the effects of these on the body and mind.  She is particularly interested in the power of familiar plants, trees, herbs, roots and weeds: the most powerful healers of all. What most of us need to begin to heal is probably growing in our gardens, or perhaps even under our feet.

Sascha believes that there is an emotional root cause behind every physical symptom, but we are often not aware of these causes. The physical symptoms root and become beings of their own: this is where herbal medicine can calm the symptoms and start the healing process. Sascha also incorporates a range of detoxification programs and dietary advice to aid and speed the healing process where necessary.

If you would like to find out how herbalism and naturopathy  can help you, please contact Sascha directly using the enquiry form below or call her on 07880 738 205