Born in Oxford, United Kingdom, Sam played a variety of sports from an early age. These included football, tennis, cricket, swimming and later inline skater hockey and ice hockey. After sustaining a serious shoulder fracture, Sam underwent intensive physiotherapy and began playing golf. Representing teams at County, Regional and National level, Sam looked destined to pursue his career as a professional golfer landing academic scholarships to California and New Mexico.

Instead, Sam qualified in Sports and Exercise Science BSc (Hons) at Gloucester University and later went on to complete his MSc (Hons) in Rehabilitation Science at Brighton University. Since then Sam has worked in semi-professional Rugby and Tennis as well as with Oxford United and Manchester United Soccer Schools. Health, wellbeing and activity is a real passion of Sam’s and his current work within the NHS and in the private sector keeps his current work varied and complex.

His ethos is to educate people about their bodies and empower them to achieve their goals. To encourage understanding of human movement and what people can do to prevent future problems.

The health and fitness industry is a minefield of contradictions and making sense of it all can often lead to confusion and worry. I wanted to create a platform that can make sense of the ambiguity that “Dr Google”  so often provides us and bring about a feeling of empowerment – whether it be in controlling your symptoms, knowing when to return to your sport, when to use a foam roller or how to suck eggs?!

Individualised physiotherapy, strength and conditioning programmes, telephone or skype calls or picking out information from my blog are all ways people can and will learn how to keep moving, remain active and pain free.

To contact Sam, please use the contact form below or call him on 07737 541 344.