Coaching and Counselling

With Susie Pye  

There are many similarities between coaching and counselling. The benefits of counselling and coaching often include:

  • increased self-awareness
  • improved motivation and self confidence
  • people feeling better able to manage their lives
  • improved emotional health and wellbeing.

In both counselling and coaching, people seek to understand the relationship between their thoughts, feelings and behaviour, and how this affects them.

There are also some differences:


People seeking counselling may be experiencing distress and find it hard to cope with current difficulties, or want help with a problem such as:

  • anxiety or depression
  • bereavement
  • relationship problems
  • low self-esteem.

In counselling sessions we explore the impact of these problems, and how they connect to past issues and relationships.


People might find coaching more suitable if they are looking for support to:

  • solve a question or dilemma, or make a decision
  • think about their future
  • find out more about themselves.

Some people describe the process of coaching as “thinking aloud”, or “a sounding board”. In coaching we focus more on exploring options, identifying people’s strengths and resources, and thinking about the future.

How it works

In both counselling and coaching, people have the opportunity to explore their concerns in a supportive and confidential environment. Counselling sessions are usually weekly, while coaching sessions may be weekly or fortnightly. At an initial consultation session we will discuss your needs and which approach would be most suitable for you.

Susie can be contacted through the enquiry form, on or call her on 07765 587012




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