Craniosacral Therapy


Craniosacral Therapy

with  Ally Stott 

Craniosacral Therapy is a restorative practice, grounded in deep listening and attunement. It is a gentle and sensitive approach that responds to how your body is in the moment. Sessions give space for the changing landscape of your body to tell it’s story and for your underlying vitality to flow with greater ease.

From our earliest moments of life we are impacted by life experiences, both those we find pleasant and nourishing and those we find difficult. All of this is experienced through our body, and sometimes, for a number of reasons we are unable to process our experiences. The shock and stress of these experiences imprints the body. Craniosacral Therapy rebalances the nervous system, eases tensions and creates space for what needs to happen.

Your body sets the pace for the work and becomes nourished by the deep wellspring within.

All life is in movement, and our body as an expression of nature, moves in rhythms, currents and cycles. Some of these movements are explicit; we know when we feel tired, hungry, energised or unwell.  Many of the body’s movements are more subtle and only felt when we listen deeply or become still and pay heartful attention. This is not unlike when we approach a river.  At first we may notice the surface of the water, its direction of flow and any rocks or branches travelling within it. If we stay a little longer we may start to notice the movement of different currents beneath the surface, and how the banks of the river shape the way the water moves, and how the movement of the water also shapes the earth of the riverbanks.

And so it is with Craniosacral Therapy.  As practitioner I listen deeply through my hands and other senses as I make light contact with your fully clothed body to the movement of currents and tides and presence of stillness. Each part of your body informing and interacting with the whole.

People come for Craniosacral Therapy for many reasons including; stress, headaches, major or minor illness, weakened immune and nervous systems, injury, life transitions, digestive difficulties.  Deeper though than trauma, dis-ease and stress lies a state of stillness and ease.  Over a number of session people often sense this within themselves and gain greater access to this in daily life.

I have a diploma in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy from Resonance Trainings in Stroud, and membership with the Craniosacral Therapy Association (CSTA). I am also a UKCP registered Transpersonal Psychotherapist. Having received many hours of cranial as a client to support and restore me through phases of change in my own life and healing from surgery, I decided to become a cranial therapist myself and offer this beautiful, restorative work back into my community.