Ally Stott, Craniosacral Therapy

Ally initially encountered Craniosacral Therapy through Franklyn Sills in 2003 whilst training at the Karuna Institute, Dartmoor, Devon, for an MA in Transpersonal Psychotherapy.  It was her interest in meditation and Buddhist wisdom combined with western depth psychology that took her to Karuna. During these years of training she frequently explored the Moor, and this later developed into an engagement with Ecopsychology.  She now works therapeutically with clients both inside and outside with the land.  Prior to this Ally trained as an artist and after completing a BA in Fine Art and an MA in Critical Theory she went on to work in the voluntary sector supporting creative people engaged with using mental health services.  Ally has extensive experience of accompanying and supporting people living with serious and terminal illness.  Through co-ordinating the city sector of a befriending service to working as part of the Maggie’s Cancer Care team in Oxford. Ally works with groups and individuals; she facilitates meditation-based day retreats and 8 week Discovering Unity Courses.

Working as a craniosacral therapist feels like a homecoming.  My practice is served by the deep wellspring of experience and training that I have been fortunate to receive, and it is a privilege to accompany people through their healing journey. Our body is innately wise and intelligent and has a natural orientation towards healing and wellbeing.  Ally creates a safe, compassionately attuned space for exploration, healing, not knowing, and discovery.

What People Say

‘With her calm, strong, reassuring presence Ally invites my body to express the self-healing it inherently knows how to do.  The cranial sessions have been a precious gift that have opened a door to being with my body in this amazing journey of life.  Prior to receiving cranial I was doing everything trying to find ‘me’, now I am doing life as me!’  — Marie-Clare

‘I have been lucky enough to work with Ally during my first pregnancy. Although I’m reasonably fit and healthy I believe the regular sessions with Ally gave me precious quiet time to acknowledge my ever flexing and changing body and to invoke a still slow time which has been deeply restful and restorative.  I have loved working with Ally because she is at once deeply respectful and luminously playful; Strong and soft; kind and curious; and because she listens attentively both to what I say, and to what my body speaks. As she listens, I too learn to listen in deeper ways to the wisdom of my body and it’s ever-changing weather patterns. I can’t imagine working with a more generous and soulful practitioner. Thank you Ally the journey thus far has been a real anchor to me.’  — Raphy.

‘As soon as I enter the venue for a treatment I feel calmer. I like the subtlety of Ally’s approach in the safe environment she offers.  I am gradually learning to slow down and be more tender and aware of my body. I appreciate her fastidious attention to detail and her non-judgemental approach.’  — Dianah.


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